From Cancer to Sturgis

From Cancer to Sturgis

From Cancer to Sturgis

Five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer.  As I lay in a hospital bed, not sure if I was going to live or die, I decided to live.  I decided that I would make my dream of riding a motorcycle all the way from Florida to Sturgis a reality.

This series of posts is the realization of that dream.  I did survive.  I did ride to Sturgis.  The adventure was epic.  If you are a cancer fighter reading this, take hope from this.  Don’t give up on living because you have a disease.  Cancer is what you have and not who you are.  Always remember.  Always hope.  And know you are not alone.  Read, and enjoy.

From Cancer

You can read the entire cancer blog, starting with my diagnosis, here.

To Sturgis

  1. My Route
  2. Unbowed, Unbroken, and Alive
  3. Photo Gallery – my trip in pictures

3 Responses to “From Cancer to Sturgis”

  1. Best wishes for a safe and fun trip. Congratulations on being cancer free.


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