Binary Biker’s Route

The Route I Took:

The Ride:

Total miles: 4,847!

(I planned my trip by using a free map radius tool here)

My 2004 Vulcan Classic 1500

My 2004 Vulcan Classic 1500

3 Responses to “Binary Biker’s Route”

  1. STURGIS here we come! I’m super excited and can’t wait for next year. Here is my proposed first look schedule…
    Day Plan
    1 Temecula to Meteor Crater to Glendale, Az stay with my friend Jason (wish you two could meet)
    2 Glendale, Az to Roswell, NM Meet YOU
    3 Roswell, NM to Somewhere in Colorado(??)
    4 Somewhere, Colorado to STURGIS and buy ourselves a BEER! Make camp in Rapid City
    5 Chillax, see the sights
    6 Gotta go to ND just to see my 49th state (Only Vermont is left after that)
    7 Here is where we need to decide if we are leaving or staying one more day.
    8 Meet my sister in Couer D’Alane, Id
    9-11 Head for home.
    12-13 SLEEP and recover!
    14 Go back to work
    15 NOT!!!

  2. My route:

    How do I make this into a pretty picture like yours??? LOL!


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