Binary Bikers!

So I was watching the movie “Wild Hogs” the other day and realized, in my own nerdy way, that having a “gang” name for a friendly group of bikers is pretty damned cool. I wanted one.

So I talked it over with Big Bad John. Since we’re both in the software engineering field we humorously came up with the name “Binary Bikers.” It stuck, and defintely sounded better than “Hexidecimal Hellions” or “Octal Orangutangs.”

I created a possible back-of-the-jacket patch design today and wanted to share it with you and get feedback.

The name of our “gang” is on the image, but it’s in binary! It says “Binary” across the top and “Bikers” across the bottom, all in zeros and ones. John came up with the slogan “If you have to ask, you just don’t get it.”

So, here is the image. What do you think? Suggestions? Comments?

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