Women and Horses

So my company’s 8th birthday/aniversary party was this weekend. The company treated everyone to a show at Dixie Stampede. I can’t say I was impressed (Medevial Times is much better IMO) but there were a couple of highlights.

This was the Holiday show at Dixie Stampede, so the whole theme was Santa Claus and the birth of the Christ child. The skits were uninspired, but when they brought out the nativity scene and two of the goats started copulating for the entire audience to see I think I experienced the best moment of the evening. There was about three seconds of silence as the parents of all the children tried to decide what reaction to display in front of their kids and then there was a collective “ahhh, fuck it” moment and everyone started cheering madly. I laughed so hard I about cried. I don’t know why it was so funny – goat sex is simply NOT funny – but I think we all needed something to break the horrible monotony of the show.

The only other interesting moment was the unexpected erotic nature of the women riding the horses. Mind you, I’ve only ridden a few horses in my life and I’ve never really watched a woman ride hard on a horse. Most of the performers were women – and good looking ones at that. I was unprepared for what I saw.

There was something very erotic and intriguing about how they bounced and moved in the saddle. Body parts were moving that had no right to be moving so in public. I was enthralled and, honestly, a little embarassed. It felt kind of like watching porn in front of a bunch of other people.
Needless to say, I found the entire thing very interesting and wouldn’t mind going horseback riding with a favorite female friend in the future.

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