What I Deserve

A year and a half ago I made a list of what I wanted in a woman. What would Mrs. Ron 2.0 have that I wanted and deserved. I was thinking this weekend about re-writing the list, starting over, but when I read the original list I realized that there was nothing to change. So here’s the original list:

1. She must have a driver’s license.
2. She must have nearly all her teeth or some really good bridgework.
3. She must not have a jail record (unless it’s for peaceful activism.)
4. She must not be a racist, elitist, or act superior.
5. She must be honest.
6. She must share my high moral and ethical position.
7. She must have integrity.
8. She must communicate.
9. She must be interested in my hobbies, and be willing to tolerate my love of them.
10. She must be willing to share her hobbies with me or tolerate my interest in them.
11. She must want to spend time with my children.
12. She must have a sense of humor.
13. She must be my intellectual equal.
14. She must enjoy lying under the night sky and staring at the stars.
15. She must be well-read.
16. She must be able to go out and have a good time with my friends.
17. She must be able to go out and have a good time with HER friends.
18. She must be able to enjoy quiet evening at home.
19. She must like cuddling.
20. She must be willing to give space when I need it.
21. She must be willing to tell me when she needs space.
22. She must like sex. A lot.
23. She must not be closed or unwilling to work through issues with me.
24. She must be willing to give affection.
25. She must be willing to receive affection.
26. She must be verbally intimate.
27. She must have dreams of her own.
28. She must have hobbies and interests of her own.
29. She must be willing to let me open the door for her.
30. She must be willing to let me treat her like a princess.
31. She must be willing to wrestle and play fight with me in bed.
32. She must be a lady when the situation demands.
33. She must be my friend.

Tall order I suppose. But one day, who knows. . .

One Response to “What I Deserve”

  1. Wow Ron, I hope that’s a wish list. In a diplomatic world it’s like the terrorist list of demands!What I deserve:Someone I will accept into my heart on his/her own merits.Someone who will accept me for who I am (not what), for my good points and for my flaws.

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