A Small Fish

a small fish
at the
of a scum-covered pond
might, just might,
understand how I feel
when you talk to me
or even simply
smile at me
it’s as if the
has broken through
the algae blanket
and cast it’s light upon
a cold and lonely
underwater tableau
gone too long in darkness;
warm light and
images take my breath
because I know that I
crossed your mind
if only for a moment
like the sun
upon that
happy little

(c) Ron Sparks 01/12/08

One Response to “A Small Fish”

  1. Such wondrous words Ron.I called the pools and pond maintenance crew. Seems a shame to scatter my crumbs on the surface because as you come up to investigate, those ravens in the shadows await your arrival.Tee hee.Funny that now light is bathing your pond it seems smaller because you only have eyes for….My best wishes and dearest regard to you both,

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