Weapons of Deli Destruction

I am finding it more and more ridiculous that people are getting arrested on armed assault charges where the weapon is a SANDWICH.

Read this. Or this.

Only in Florida. I don’t see these stories coming up in other states. Florida seems to have lost it’s damned mind. How in the world can a taco, bagel, or sandwich be construed as a weapon?

To be charged with assault for tossing a bagel at someone is just the beginning, people. You realize that if you toss a clean shirt to someone it can be assault? What about tossing a football to a buddy who is annoyed at you? Assault.

Flick a bee off your shirt and have it hit someone else? Your ass is in jail buddy.

Very shortly, the sound waves of an argument will constitute a weapon and you will be jailed for assault. For talking.

Arrest records for food assault. Craziness. What is this world coming to?

One Response to “Weapons of Deli Destruction”

  1. MWUAHAHAHAHAH!!! Ten THOUSAND dollar bail!!!!!

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