There’s a Fungus Among Us!

One of the side effects of not having a functional salivary gland is that you tend to get fungal infections in the mouth easily. Thrush.

Yes, I have thrush.

My tongue looks very similar to what you see above. Kinda gross to look at, huh? Well, you should feel it. It feels like grass is growing on my tongue.

What it boils down to is all of us have the fungus that causes thrush in our mouths but it never had a chance to thrive because our salivary system flushes it out before it can take root. I don’t have that luxury.

I have slowed down my daily rinses with baking soda and salt water as my throat starts to feel a little better – and that was a mistake. Apparently I need to keep it up as long as I have salivary issues. The baking soda and salt prevent thrush from thriving. So, I’m back to that nasty rinse.

My doctor prescribed some anti-fungal medicine, so I can expect this to clear up in a day or two. Until then, I have a fuzzy mouth.


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