Bedroom Strife

Carey and I have an interesting problem in the bedroom. It’s not what you think.

See the issue is this – Carey really, really enjoys lounging in the bedroom. She can stay all day in bed, watching television – only getting up to pee and eat.

I can’t do that. The bedroom only has two purposes in my opinion. One of them is sleep.

So you begin to see the dilemma. Carey occasionally has days/nights where she wants to just crawl in bed, veg out, and watch TV. Of course, she also wants me to be with her when she does this.

I never even had a television in my bedroom. I bought one for Carey when we moved in together. She didn’t ask – but I knew she really wanted it. So she got it. I feel uncomfortable with a television in the bedroom. It can never, ever, be on when I am going to sleep. If it’s not 100% dark and quiet when I go to sleep, I’ll be up all night.

Tonight we went and interviewed a DJ for our wedding. On the way home, Carey stated that she was really tired and wanted to just relax in bed and watch television. She asked me to stay in the room with her. I visibly winced – and I watched her eyes crinkle in humor as she observed my internal conflict.

On the one hand, Carey is my angel – I love everything she does for me, selflessly, every day. How can I do less? On the other hand, I really, really hate watching TV in bed. What to do?

So here I am, in bed, typing this blog as Carey watches shows recorded on the DVR. It feels unnatural, but I will do anything for her.

Now I have to poll my audience – am I alone in not wanting a television in the bedroom? Am I alone in thinking of the bedroom as a sanctuary of quiet peacefulness and not an entertainment room (except for … ahem … intimate entertainment?)

4 Responses to “Bedroom Strife”

  1. I hate, hate, hate a TV in my bedroom, but alas, my husband likes it, so there it sits, mocking me! The interesting part is that he hardly ever watches TV in bed, but insisted it be in there. Mostly the girls watch it in the morning after they wake me up, at the crack of dawn!

  2. I actually enjoy watching TV in bed, but my husband has not learned the basics of Bedroom TV etiquette. Most nights he is messing around on the internet and perfectly content to stay there until I say I’m going to bed. It is at that point he decided he needs to watch the weather channel in bed keeping me awake until he decides that the current West Coast forecast is not imposing too big a threat to our immediate future. Even when there is NO weather happening he stares at it like some meteorologist wannabe groupie. He knows all their names and even has favorites.I would gladly give up the Bedroom TV just to be able to go to sleep when I want to.

  3. Hey, Ron… if you ever needed a good reason to get rid of the TV in the bedroom, just tell Carey that most psychologists and couple’s counselors point to the bedroom presence of ye olde brainwasher as a serious detriment to an active and healthy sex life.

  4. My wife used to watch movies in bed, although she would often fall asleep after 15 minutes… No TV in the bedroom now.

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