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My name is Ron Sparks and I have cancer.

Sounds like a 12-step program, huh? Being diagnosed with cancer has changed my life. It’s been an incredible journey and it’s not nearly over yet. Not even close. As a writer, I have a cathartic need to express myself when I am in trouble – so it’s no surprise that I blog profusely about my cancer and my recovery. Here is a date-indexed list of my cancer and recovery blogs.

I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in August 2008. I had radical neck dissection surgery in September 2008 to remove the cancer from my lymph nodes and from my tonsils. Six weeks after surgery, in November 2008, I started chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Chemo and radiation ended in January 2009 and I have been in recovery ever since.

If you are a cancer patient and have found this page; take heart. You are not alone. We, all of us, need to stand together in the face of this disease.


08/27/08 The Scariest Words
09/15/08 John Stamos Cell Carcinoma
09/22/08 Cancer Surgery Date and Details
10/03/08 Post Operation Details
10/07/08 Surgery Post-Op Results
10/07/08 Poetry Contest Winner
10/13/08 The Cancer Reailty Check
10/14/08 Living With Cancer – Understanding Sycophants
10/14/08 First Post-Survery Workout
10/16/08 Meeting with my Radiation Oncologist
10/17/08 Update on Radiation Oncologist
10/20/08 Ear Mania
10/24/08 Body Image Post Cancer Surgery
10/31/08 My Chemo and Radiation Treatment Plan
11/10/08 Radiation Day 1: Chemo Day 1
11/17/08 The Toughest Battle Of My Life
11/26/08 Tasteless
12/03/08 Ceiling cat Is Watching Me Get Radiation
12/09/08 Not By The Hair of my CHinny-Cin-Chin!
12/15/08 Feeding Tube Madness
12/22/08 Hell of a Week
01/07/09 My Shrinking Belly
01/07/09 Foods I Crave
01/10/09 I Emerge From Round 1 Victorious!
01/22/09 Recovery Status
01/30/09 There’s a Fungus Among Us!
02/04/09 Recovery Update
02/15/09 Cancer Memories
02/16/09 Loving Couples Share Everything
02/20/09 Pickle Surprise!
03/02/09 First Day Back to Work!
03/11/09 I’m Not A Cyborg Anymore!
03/13/09 Binary’s Kids
03/17/09 Emerging From The Ashes Reborn
03/24/09 First Workout Post Cancer Treatment
03/26/09 Another Clean Bill of Health
03/31/09 Bald Binary Biker!
04/04/09 Surfing Again
04/13/09 Easter Weekend Surfing
04/17/09 The IOA 5K Race
04/21/09 I Have an Itch . . .
05/04/09 Recovery Status
05/15/09 Orlando Relay for Life
05/19/09 Cancer and Social Networking
05/22/09 Always Get A Second Opinion!
06/16/09 Stupid Cancer
06/29/09 Chewing Gum and Cancer
07/30/09 Did Chemo Brain Influence My Decision?
08/24/09 What do Fish and Cancer Have in Common?
08/29/09 Cancer and Bench Pressing
09/12/09 Telling Cancer Supporters What You Need
11/14/09 Dealing with Cancer Anxiety
12/30/09 Chemo Brain Attack

End Index . . .

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