You Waited

I haven’t blogged about my wedding yet – or my honeymoon. I have so much to say that I just can’t find the words to write a concise blog. But, I did find the time to write a short poem to my wife. Here it is; I hope you enjoy it.

You Waited

you waited
for me to notice you
silent, shy, and unassuming –
hovering at the outside
of my life for
over a year; a
constant presence
a friendly smile that would be
and would not be

you waited
for me to kiss you –
laughing at my
nervous antics
when we found ourselves
unexpectedly alone;
surrounded by
of strangers caught
in the spell of
80’s rock and roll

you waited
by my bedside
holding my hands
and looking in my
reassuring me
as I faced my mortality
and went into battle
against my

you waited
for me to propose
sitting in the
surrounded by roses
and cardinals
as I weakly took
a knee, my
body protesting
at the effort.

you waited
for me to recover
my confidence
my health
my sense of self
after emerging
from my
battle a changed man;
you never turned away –
never giving anything
than all.

I waited
at the end of the
aisle for you
on a warm
October morning
more nervous than
I thought possible,
losing my breath when
I saw you –
so beautiful not
because of a mere
wedding dress –
but because
no matter what –
you waited

for me

Ron Sparks

2 Responses to “You Waited”

  1. This is absolutely wonderful Ron. You have quite a catch in Carey. Have a blessed marriage!


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