The Binary Biker Moves to WordPress

I have been a faithful user of Blogspot for years, but I have made the switch to WordPress as of today.  I am not sure yet if I will migrate all of my old posts here or if I will let the old Blogspot blog keep my past archive.  Likely, I will move everything here as I have a lot of content on Blogspot.

Binary Biker has moved to WordPressWhy did I make the move?

For the past 6 months I have been CTO at  I work with a really visionary team of designers and videographers.  Many of our smaller websites are done in WordPress.  Since I have been exposed to WordPress I have learned the following things about the service that compelled me to switch:

  1. There are higher-quality themes available for WordPress
  2. It is easier to create a custom theme and remote-host your blog on your own domain.
  3. The administration options are more powerful.
  4. I have more control over my blog than with Blogspot.
  5. WordPress is the “Apple” to Blogspot’s “Windows;”  it just works and is cleaner in every way.

I am excited about the possibilities that await me here in WordPress.  I am using a basic theme right now, but I look forward to creating my own in the next couple of weeks.

One Response to “The Binary Biker Moves to WordPress”

  1. What steps did you take to redirect traffic to your new wordpress location, and what did you do to maintain your google ranking?
    Thank you

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