The Binary Biker is Still Cancer-Free!

I am still cancer-free!

Let's celebrate. I am still cancer-free!

Short blog.  Yesterday I blogged about my 6-month CT/PET scan and the process steps it entails.  Today, less than 24-hours later, I have my results.  I called my nurse, Val, at about 10:00am and asked that she call me as soon as the scans were in.  Around 11:00am she called me back. My result?


I am so happy.  This marks 18 months of clean scans.  Thank you everyone for asking about me, caring enough to wish me luck and offer your prayers and well-wishes.  These scans are my reality now and your support has meant so much to me.

Now, let’s celebrate the fact that I am still cancer-free!

One Response to “The Binary Biker is Still Cancer-Free!”

  1. Best news I have heard all day! Congratulations! Positive, healthy living is the key!

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