Always Wear Jeans Under Chaps

This is just wrong (for a man)

This is just wrong (for a man)

I may take an 800-mile road trip on my bike in December.  My good buddy Ron just bought himself a new motorcycle and is coming down to visit me in December and we have tentatively decided I will meet him halfway and ride back with him..

If I do meet him halfway, I’ll need chaps to protect my legs and keep me warm on the ride.

I went to the Hot Leathers website, since I usually buy something from them in Daytona during Bike Week or Biketoberfest.  I saw plenty of chaps, but I was unsure what size to buy, so I sent a request into their support department.  A humurous woman named Sarah and I exchanged emails and I misunderstood what she was asking me at one point.

We finally got it sorted out, but I can imagine that Sarah at Hot Leathers got a chuckle out of this as I did.

The Email exchange went something like this:

BinaryBiker:  I need to buy some chaps for a winter ride but don’t really know what size will fit me.

HotLeathers: is your thigh measurement over a pair of jeans.

BinaryBiker: I am going to wear the chaps over a pair of jeans.  I suppose I could go commando underneath but I’m not sure other riders on the road would approve.

HotLeathers:  indeed pants underneath the chaps is a good idea!


One Response to “Always Wear Jeans Under Chaps”

  1. This was a HOOT! Best smile op I’ve had all day! (I’ve had plenty too!) Thanks for the laugh! (the buns though….I wasn’t laughing at them. SWWEEET BUNS….oh oh…yeah..I did write that…;~)

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