Current Controversies: Patriotism

The Binary Biker has been published (again)!

A blog post I wrote in 2010 on Patriotism was picked up and included in a textbook titled Current Controversies: Patriotism.  Published by Greenhaven Press, the text is part of a collection of books that touch on hot and emerging topics in today’s world.  From the publisher’s website:

Each anthology is composed of a wide spectrum of primary sources written by many of the foremost authorities in their respective fields. This unique approach provides students with a concise view of divergent opinions on each topic. Extensive book and periodical bibliographies and a list of organizations to contact are also included.

My article is on page 47 of the textbook, following an essay by Ron Paul and just before an essay by an adjunct professor of philosophy in New Jersey named Jack Kerwick.  There’s even an essay by President Barack Obama in the book.

I am extremely honored and humbled to have my words included in an anthology with such learned and illustrious leaders and thinkers.

If you’re not my family you’ll probably never buy the book, but thousands of children in high schools across the nation will be exposed to my words, the very words I write on this blog, as they learn and discover the current controversies surrounding patriotism.

That, my friends, – the fact that my words are influencing and entire generation of American children –  is even more humbling to me than being side by side with Ron Paul and Barack Obama in a book.

2 Responses to “Current Controversies: Patriotism”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I just stumbled across your blog and saw that your essay on patriotism was apparently published in an anthology of essays along with mine. The thing is, had I not come across your blog, I never would have known this. Any information that you can supply me regarding this text and how you were notified of your piece’s inclusion in it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks much!

    Jack Kerwick, Ph.D.


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