My Accident 09/16/2011 Explained

This blog post is for the insurance companies that may need a written statement from me.  I certify that to the best of my knowledge that this statement is factually correct and I have not knowingly or willingly misrepresented any facts either through lie or omission.

On Friday, September 16, 2011 between 1930 and 1945 hours I was driving my 2006 Dodge Durango SLT East on Grant Road about 25 miles per hour towards Orange Avenue in Orlando, Florida.  It was my intent to turn left onto Orange Avenue.

In the car with me were my wife, Carey, and my daughter Ashlee.

A silver Toyota Camry attempted to pass me on the double-yellow lines just before the road split into 2 turn lanes.  The driver was in the oncoming traffic lanes trying to pass me.

I looked over and saw the vehicle just as I attempted to get over.  I was not expecting a car to be in the oncoming traffic lane, so I had no reason to check behind me before that point.  As I started to get over in the turn lane, as soon as it turned into a turn lane, I saw the other vehicle’s lights in my side mirror.

Startled, I pressed the gas pedal and my V8 jumped ahead of the other car and I made it safely into the turn lane.  My speed was about 40 miles per hour at that point.  The Camry also accelerated and was still trying to pass me but got over behind me as it became clear that passing me at that point was unwise; we were too close to the light. There was a vehicle stopped in front of me at the light so I pressed the brakes moderately hard and stopped about 25-30 feet behind the car directly in front of me.

The Camry was forced to brake moderately hard as well and was unable to stop as that car had sped up as I had sped up, still attempting to pass me.  I did not lock the tires and there were no skid marks left on the roadway.  The Camry rear-ended my Durango.  There was a no discernible “bump” to me, but I heard the impact.

I exited the car and asked the woman driving the Camry if she was all right, but I do not think she heard me.  She was irate and accused me of trying to “teach her a lesson.”   She called 911 and the dispatcher, after confirming there we no injuries, requested that we move the vehicles out of the turn lane and into the parking lot next door.

Examination of the Camry showed significant front end damage to the vehicle.  There was no damage other than a small scratch on the bumper if the Durango and I am not interested in pursuing a claim.

Orlando Police officer George O. Lollis arrived about 15 minutes later and took our insurance information and logged the accident into the system.  Case number: 2011-00413009 can be found at

Below is a visual of the accident with numbered items for perusal.  Please click the image for a larger view.


click for larger view

click for larger view

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