The Rules of Motorcycle Waving

I wrote a post a while back about “Biker Etiquette.”  In it, I cried foul on Florida riders for waving based on “cliques” or bike type.  Cruisers only wave to other cruisers.  Rice only waves to rice.  As spring comes into full swing in Florida and all the part-time bikers are back on the road, I’ve noticed a few changes to the etiquette this season.  Here’s a handy table on the inane rules of motorcycle waving as I observe them daily:

You Ride He Rides Wave?
Street Bike Metric Cruiser No
Street Bike Street Bike Yes
Metric Cruiser Street Bike No
Metric Cruiser Metric Cruiser Yes
Harley anything else No
anything but a Harley Harley No
Harley Harley Yes

Remember, Florida has no helmet law – I am now seeing waving being based on the helmet status of the riders.  So, regardless of your “wave status” in the table above, the following also applies:

Are you wearing a Helmet Is he wearing a helmet? Wave?
Yes No No
No Yes No

Silly, but true.  Me?  I wave when I see a fellow rider.  We’re all riders – even scooters.  Keep the rubber side down and remember that you’re part of a small minority; all of us deserve a wave.

4 Responses to “The Rules of Motorcycle Waving”

  1. Sometimes I see no wave, but you’ll get a head nod. Better than nothing! 🙂

  2. I can add that all bikers wave to cyclists regardless of type. Especially on the Loop in Ormond. And we cyclists wave at everyone. It’s simple self preservation.

    • Yep; when Carey and I rode the Loop again this morning we waved at numerous cyclists and they waved back. There some mutual envy I think. Most bikers want to be on the bicycle and most cyclists would love to ride a motorcycle at times. 🙂

  3. Just a note to new riders…while coming around a curve, shifting gears, a head nod is perfectly acceptable.

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