Cover picture of Aliens Can't Sing the Blues by Ron Sparks

Aliens Can’t Sing the Blues – Published!

I am published again! Aliens Can’t Sing the Blues, my collection of short stories, haibun, and flash fiction have been published on as a Kindle Single. Only 87-pages in length, it is a fun and quick read; one I know you’ll enjoy.  Priced to move, at only $0.99, I know you’ll find it an exceptional value for the price.  This is the fist of many self-publishing events I will host.  I have a lot of words stashed away.  The book has already sold very well with the very limited press it has received so far.

Here’s a short intro for each story in the book.

Aliens Can’t Sing the Blues:  a young musician with nothing to live for saves the human race from destruction by an overwhelming alien force by doing what he does best; pouring his soul into his music.

Slave Race:  A race of galactic conquerors finds more than they bargain for when they subjugate the human race.

The Day We Lost Earth:  An enlisted gunner in a trans-planetary defense dreadnought watches in horror as his home planet is destroyed before his eyes.

Vampire in my Attic:  To save her little sister, a young girl is forced to make a terrible deal with supernatural creatures who live in her house.

Tripodia Prime:  After their planet was destroyed, humans find ingenious ways to colonize new worlds.:

The Other Window:  Disaster strikes humanity’s first intergalactic ship.

Switched at Birth:  An accident causes a young man to miss the birth of his . . . motorcycle?

Sparks and the BEM:  Humans against the Bug Eyed Monsters!

Question for God:  A misunderstood genius is too smart for his own good.

The Night the Music Died:  a Y2K disaster.

Missing Mass:  A scientist discovers the source of all the missing mass in the universe.

Max and the Roach:  A brother and sister at a dingy diner learn that reincarnation is not a myth.

The Dance of Warding:  A crafty shaman’s apprentice learns primitive politics.

A Kawaiisu Omen:  A portent of doom hovers over a young man as he watches a spectacular meteor shower.

Medusa:  A lonely scientist examines a supernatural phenomenon with utter skepticism.

You can get the book on  Buy your copy for your Kindle today!

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