TSA Allows Knives on Planes Now

More TSA Tomfoolery

This question isn’t whether or not the TSA should allow knives on planes.  The question is why is the TSA even involved in private travel in the first place? (why is there even such a thing as the TSA?)

Security is the job of the airlines and the airports; not the federal government.  When a private company searches me, or imposes restrictions, I submit because it is a condition of doing business with them.  When the government searches me and imposes restrictions, it is a violation of my Fourth Amendment right.  Period.

There’s not much more to say than that.  We continually allow the transgressions against our liberties in the name of safety.  We are made to feel unreasonable and portrayed as extremists when we exert our rights and when we challenge any infringement upon them.

I am not unreasonable and I am not an extremist.  In fact, I am pretty damned liberal.

It is the job of the airline to provide a safe journey to my destination.  If they fail, they lose business and go away.  No one can guarantee absolute safety, and this ongoing security theatre we are forced to endure in the name of our safety is nothing more than a continual erosion of our Constitutional rights.

Don’t get fooled by the red herring; a 2-inch blade on a plane is no more dangerous than a sharpened pencil or ball point pen.  Your safety is not impacted by this.  The real issue here is why you keep allowing the TSA to infringe upon your rights.

Do something.  Opt out of the full body scans.  Make it painful and expensive for the TSA to operate.  Enough people doing that would change policy quickly.  Write your Congressperson.

Stop giving away your rights for the illusion of security.

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