Surrender (Poem)


she lies on the bed facing me
the curve of her hips
giving shape to the

her bare shoulder and arm are
bent at a gentle angle
as she lightly runs her
through my hair
her tattoos a vibrant
of color on her alabaster skin

half lidded eyes take me in
and she sighs, a Mona Lisa
on her lips

A million thoughts run through my
mind, my manic mind,
while she caresses me in complacent

How did I end up here
with this woman
with her perfect peace contrasting my
inferior and harmful
psychosis –
my constant battle with myself
and the universe

How can she love me
a man
who screams in defiance
at the tempest
while she spreads her
arms wide
and turns her face into the
rain and glories in it

My thoughts swirl
and clash
with the outward serenity
of the bedroom

And this is normal for me

The surprise comes when,
in a single moment
of clarity,
in between one manic thought
and the next,
I sigh with her
release the knot in my chest –
say “fuck it” and
kiss her eyelids

I join her in this
moment of contentment

even as she wonders at my
sudden exclamation

(c) 2013  Ron Sparks


(dedicated to my beautiful wife)

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