Pittsburgh Run or Dye 5k

Today marks exactly one week since I’ve moved to Pittsburgh, PA.  About a month before I moved up here, the Binary Princess committed me to a 5k race, the Run or Dye 5k.  She’s been wanting to do a color run for a long time and was so excited this finally came to Pittsburgh.

So we hiked our way about an hour outside of Pittsburgh to Butler County and made our way to the race ground, Camp Lutherlyn – a country, religious, activity and campground.  The ride out was beautiful and we (the Binary Princess, myself, and our daughter) were looking forward to a great run.  Once we got parked, we quickly made our way to registration and picked up our race kits.

We had a great run, the weather was perfect, but the course wasn’t a true 5k! I was wearing my Nike+ watch and our distance was only 2.4 miles so it was a quick run, but a little disappointing.

map of the route

Our 5k was a little short!

It was a trail run, and parts of the run were extremely muddy, but we didn’t mind because we were having too much fun. The race was over before we knew it and then we participated in the after-race festivities, most notably the dye bomb you see pictured above. That’s when the trouble began.

Poor planning, a single one-lane road, and ten thousand people made it impossible to leave the race afterwards. It, literally, took two hours after the race for traffic to get to the point where we could leave.

We did eventually get out of Camp Lutherlyn. I will run the race again if I get the chance, but only if they pick a venue we can actually get out of or if they better manage parking. Below are some pictures of the event.


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