Syncopathic Synthesis (poem)


A Valentine’s Day poem for my beloved Carey.


Some men listen to the
  of music; they sway in
mute ecstasy as the bass
pushes syncopathic within
their chest
    Some men stand on
    of the mountain, drinking in
the whole world synoptically
and revel in the beauty of
    Others, well they find the
in a singularly beautiful sunset,
in the simple allure of the sea,
or in a
of their senses and emotions.
I have the pinnacle,
the apogee,
the apex of inspirations –
one that overwhelms the
basic beats of a mere man made
    instrument –
that offers not the wan vistas
of Earth
but instead hints at the
infinite majesty
    of the universe –
one that is more
    radiant than the sunset;
deeper than the seas;
greater than any sense can

I have you.

— Ron Sparks © 2015

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