ONI - A Sci-Fi Novel by Ron Sparks

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We thought they were stories, but ancient myths hint at the vengeful life on the dying world right next to ours.


When 24-year-old Orion Hunter picked up an unusual fare, he had no idea he had just entered a new and terrible world.  A world where there was a parallel Earth, populated by high-tech creatures intent on killing all humans.

His fare is Momo, a beautiful but deadly member of a secret organization that has monitored and tracked these other-earth creatures for thousands of years.  Their world is dying, and they want ours.

Now, Orion is on the run, his friends murdered by these creatures who are intent on finding him.  Orion is the secret hope of humanity; his undiscovered and untapped powers could level the playing field and stop the invasion from the Earth next door.  But can he learn to harness his powers and grow up enough to be the savior that Earth needs?



Orion is a twenty-four year old college dropout.  He’s a laid back young man living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who spends his days driving for a peer-to-peer ride share service.

Like most kids his age, he’s unsure what he wants to do when he finishes “growing up,” is a little cynical about the world he lives in, but harbors a deep and abiding optimism about the future.  His biggest tragedies in life have been the deaths of his mother when he was twelve and the more recent death of his uncle Bobcat, who raised him after his mother died.

Orion’s ancestors were Apache Indians, but he has no knowledge of the tribe, having moved from the reservations when he was a child – a move he both appreciates and regrets.  He appreciates escaping the baggage of his ancestry, but he regrets not knowing more of where he came from.

Our story begins when Orion picks up Momo as an unexpected fare.  He is, at that moment, unknowingly thrown into a new universe in which there is a parallel Earth, and he is hunted by the life on that earth because he has a power that can stop the imminent invasion.

Oni Mikal

Oni Mikal is the Dominant Gowr (general) of the People, one of two sentient species on the Earth parallel to ours.  He is a member of the Oni clan, characterized by reddish fur, protruding tusks, squat, powerful bodies, three eyes, and one hand than ends in a three-clawed pincer.

Like all of the People, he lives his life believing that the Earth is a sacred trust for him and his People to care for.  One of their primary mandates is to do as little hard to the planet as possible.  Human callousness towards their Earth both angers and disgusts him.

When he learns that his Earth is threatened at a quantum level by human damage to their Earth, he becomes enraged and demands that he be allowed to lead an invasion to the human Earth, kill all the humans, and move the People to a new world before theirs disappears forever from reality.

Given permission by the Cruchak, or leader of the People, Oni Mikal galvanizes the People and mobilizes the forces of war – even when it jeopardizes his relationship with his daughter, Oni Ooma.



A seventeen-year-old spitfire, Conrad knows exactly what he wants out of life.  He’s top of his class, smart, determined, and is going to college in the fall to fulfill a promise he made to his dad before he was killed in Afghanistan.

Unbeknownst to Conrad, his mother, Lilly, is a member of the secret organization that monitors and deals with the infrequent incursions and attacks of the People from the Earth parallel to ours.   As a result Conrad meets Orion when his mother helps him escape from Oni Mikal and the forces pursing him.

Caught up in a new world of multiple Earths, inimical life, and the impending invasion of his Earth, Conrad jumps in and becomes a part of the opposing forces trying to stop the invasion.  He ends up helping Orion and joining him in his cross-country flight towards safety.


When humans with the ability to jump the “ripple” to the parallel Earth next door start getting killed, Momo is sent to collect a new hopeful, Orion, before he, too, is attacked.

Momo is a senior member of the Baohu, the three-thousand-year-old organization that has been dealing with the occasional incursion and attacks by the life next door.  A veteran Jumper, with advanced military training, Momo ranks highly in the organization, but hasn’t yet had a lot of real-life experience.

Born in San Francisco from Japanese parents, Momo is small, unassuming, but nonetheless deadly.  Her mission is to convince Orion to join her in safety without letting him know, yet, about the realities of the multi-dimensional war that is looming.

Unfortunately, she arrives too late and Orion is unwillingly inducted into the organization when both he and Momo are attacked by Oni Mikal in Orion’s apartment.



Kaua is a member of the Huahuai, the second race of sentients on the parallel Earth next door.  His people are characterized by their short statures, lean faces, three eyes, coarse bristles, and the ability to move comfortably on both two and four legs.

Kaua is an elderly scientist of the Huahuai who detects in Orion not only the ability to Jump, but something much more.  He is sent to our Earth to train Orion in his powers so he can avoid getting killed by Oni Mikal and his forces.

Kaua, and the Huahuai in general, keep many secrets and seem to be playing both sides of the conflict – both helping human Jumpers and supplying the People with tracking tools to find and eliminate Jumpers.


Matt is Orion’s best friend.  When Orion relocated as a child from Arizona to Pennsylvania, his first friend was Matt.  They’ve been inseparable ever since.  Matt is a student at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in English Literature.  He’s also a bartender at a local pub, and frequently hooks up his bed bud, Orion, with free drinks when he visits the bar.

Matt is initially skeptical of Orion’s claims that he was attacked by a seemingly mythological creature from a parallel Earth, but quickly realizes the truth when he witnesses firsthand an attack on Orion by the creatures.



Lexie is Matt’s girlfriend and the sister Orion never had.  They share a very close relationship, with Lexie constantly trying to help Orion find a “super green” girl he can fall in love with.

Lexie is what Orion terms a “hippie” girl.  She is very philosophical about life, has a green thumb, and has an unnerving ability to let the bad things in life roll off of her without even blinking.  She believes in the power of positive thinking and swears that the universe will provide, if you just allow it to happen and stop fighting.  Beneath that sweet exterior, though, is a strong-willed woman who won’t let anyone steamroll her – least of all Orion.

She immediately believes Orion when he tells her of the attacks by the Oni creatures, and becomes the one person who provides solace when he needs it most.  She, too, witnesses firsthand an attack on Orion by the People.

Oni Ooma

The daughter of Oni Mikal, Oni Ooma is an adolescent Person with a very strong sense of curiosity.  Like all of the People, she reveres life above nearly all else.  She does not approve of her sire’s plan to destroy all the humans, even though her own Earth is dying.

Oni Ooma is convinced that humans can’t be as bad as her father makes them out to be.  If the People approached the humans as equals instead to trying to kill them, she is sure they would share their planet and help stop the destruction of hers.

Her father’s mission of genocide creates a rift between them that could jeopardize the entire war effort.

ONI - A Sci-Fi Novel by Ron SparksGet your copy today!

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