The Misfits of Magic – It’s a Scorcher, Part 1

I started a new comedy/fantasy series in a universe I call “The Misfits of Magic.”  I am excited to start building out this universe, the characters, and the stories within it.  The first story is not located on this site, but is instead located on a buddy’s site.  You can find it here:

Here’s a small excerpt:

“You have to understand, Mr. Simmons,” said Mrs. Abaroa, “this is a very … private … matter.  If word of this got out, it could ruin our reputation.”

“And I’d have to kill you,” said Mr. Abaroa.

“Super,” said Gale, determined to not let the shaking of his hand show, and failing. “Patient/Doctor confidentiality is one of the bulwarks of modern law.  Nothing short of a legitimate court order could unseal anything that is said or done between us.  You, ah, can trust me to keep your confidence, because my reputation, license to practice, and livelihood is on the line, too.”

“And you know I’ll kill you, too, right?”

Gale’s colon decided it really wanted to be elsewhere and let everyone know it.  “Yes, Mr. Abaroa; I know you’ll kill me too.”

“Stop scaring the human, dear.”  Mrs. Abaroa grabbed her husband’s hand, “We have a serious problem and, once you understand it, you’ll know why we can’t let other supernaturals know about it.”

Go check it out! I know you’ll enjoy it.

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