A Single Wish

A Single Wish

I was watching
late-night Television;
lost in a catatonic moment
between a commercial for
male enhancement
and a rerun of
when a
waking dream
played out in
my mind’s eye

I rubbed a lamp
and the jinni emerged
that spirit of the
a wasteland my heart had
recently inhabited
to offer me a single
my choices were
and I pondered them severely
eternal life might be nice
or perfect health perhaps
to fly faster than
tickled my fancy
I chose none
those paltry, lesser,
wishes were not worthy

I asked instead the spirit
to lead me from the desert
to grant me every
morning by
your side
the feel of your breath upon
my neck
the warmth of your lips on
my cheeks
the touch of your fingers on
my skin
and the feel of your heart beating with
my heart

it was just a
but I woke with the taste of
upon my lips
and a
hint of my future
revealed to me

I smiled,
changed the channel,
and thanked my

(c) 2007 Ron Sparks

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