Spank, spank, handcuffs!

The California state legislature is about to vote on an issue that could affect parents across the nation; is it legal to spank your child?

The bill, still being drafted, would prohibit “any striking of a child, any corporal punishment, smacking, hitting, punching, any of that,” according to Assemblywoman Sally Lieber. The consequence of this misdemeanor would be up to a year in jail or a $1000.00 fine.

I vehemently oppose this bill.

Corporal punishment is one of the tools that parents have to enforce discipline in their households and on their children. There is nothing wrong with corporal punishment. It is not unjust, unfair, cruel, or spiteful.

Spanking should never be used to physically harm the child – that’s beating and that is abuse. A spanking should sting the pride more than the body – but it should indeed sting both. A child who knows Mom won’t hesitate to put the hurtin on his backside even in front of others and in public will think twice about misbehaving.

We already have entirely too much lackadaisical parenting and out-of-control children, people. I hate to quote such trite phrases but it’s true that if you “spare the rod you’ll spoil the child.” You do indeed get more with sweets but sometimes you have to be sour.

Walk through the mall one ay and look at the children and how they behave. A good gauge of a parent is how their children behave when they are out in public. If the children are having a free-for-all and mom keeps saying “Kyle stop. Kyle stop. Kyle stop. Kyle stop. Kyle stop. Kyle stop” you very quickly realize that Kyle is a child with no consequences for his actions and he knows it.

Children need boundaries and they need to know their boundaries. Believe it or not, a child is happiest when he knows his boundaries. As long as those boundaries aren’t too restrictive, the child finds comfort and safety in those boundaries. Consistent parenting is the key.

Sometimes, though, you have to enforce the boundary. And that MAY involve a public humiliation with a spanking. As a parent, I am consistent nearly 100% of the time. I warn my children once and then follow with punishment if they misbehave again. There is no 3-strike rule and I am always fair. I know it. They know it.

And now, because I am consistent, I don’t have to spank my children any more. Especially now that they are older.

Humans are animals and sometimes a but of pain is necessary in our growing process. Think about a litter of kittens. The kittens frolic and tumble around and have a grand ole time until they get too close to Momma cat. She’ll take it once, and move out of their way. The second time though, she’ll lash out and scare the living bejeesus out of the kittens. She’ll do that as often as necessary until the kittens stay within their boundaries.

It is no different with human children. Spanking does not permanently harm the child. it does not create a maladjusted child. It is not wrong. It is, simply, a part of life. Spanking enforces boundaries that keep children happy and safe.

Now, it’s when spanking is used for the wrong reasons that we have a problem but banning all spanking is just as ridiculous an idea as making matches illegal because some people use them to start forest fires.

This bill angers me and I sincerely hope you all oppose it as vehemently as I do.

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