What would YOU do?

It’s a horrible tune that commercial television seared into my consciousness as a young teen back in the 1980’s. A freaking square of chocolate covered vanilla ice cream wrapped in silver foil with a polar bear on it.

The commercial would come on and you’d see seemingly normal people doing outrageous things for this frozen dairy treat. The commercial would play all day long and between every episode of the A-team and Knight Rider there was at least two commercials for this fattening indulgence.

What would you do…for a Klondike Bar?

I can’t get the fucking song out of my head. For over a decade not a single week goes by where I don’t hum the damned tune out loud at least once.

I never realized how traumatized I was by this commercial until last week I hummed the first few bars of the tune out loud and both of my kids, exasperated, hollered from the back seat…”FOR A KLONDIKE BAR!”

Damn you, you cheap Eskimo Pie knockoff! I need help. I even tried singing the chicken dance every day for a week to rid myself of the dreaded Klondike tune, to no avail.


I think I need a 12-step program…..

One Response to “What would YOU do?”

  1. put your jingle in to YouTube and see all your memories in digital format!What would you do for therapy?

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