Deep Conversation

Some mornings are more weird than others. This from a random IM conversation as I was trying to get my day started this morning:

[08:47] Sparks: The Silver Surfer / Fantastic Four preview rocked
[08:48] Code Monkey: yeah man – that is going to be cool as hell
[08:49] Sparks: Wonder what Galactus will look like
[08:49] Code Monkey: my left nut
[08:49] Sparks: Your left nut wears a helmet, devours worlds, and creates semi-powerful spawn that hunt for prey?
[08:50] Code Monkey: You didn’t know?
[08:50] Code Monkey: And it’s purple
[08:50] Sparks: All I know is that when I was a kid in Health class they made me watch a video called “Your Testicles and You”
[08:50] Code Monkey: That’s when I discovered its true power!
[08:51] Sparks: You know you’ve taken your Marvel fandom waaaayyy to far when you paint Galactus on your coinpurse.

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