World Space Expo 2007

Big Bad John sent me an email this weekend asking if I wanted to go to Kennedy Space Center to watch the World Expo 2007 Airshow. Of course I agreed. I can think of nothng more nerdy and cool than combining high-tech aircraft with Space nerd stuff.

So I managed to work a deal with the ex-wife that allowed me to put off picking up my kids for a few extra hours. I rode my bike to John’s house and we left for KSC. It was a 30-mile ride from John’s place to parking at KSC.

Talk about a gorgeous day, folks. The weather was perfect for riding. It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cool. Days like this remind me of why I ride. As the saying goes – Some people go to therapy; I ride a motorcycle.

As we were passing over the Indian Rivier we saw a dolphin playing in the water. It was pretty cool, but I almost wrecked my bike staring at it. John pointed at it (he saw it first) and I looked to the right and there the big guy was. I kept looking and, as anyone knows who has a bike, my bike started drifting in the direction of my gaze. I hate single moment of abject, what-the-fuck-did-I-do, terror as I realized I was almost about to go off the shoulder at 70-mph. Fortunately I recovered. I don’t think John saw. If he had, he would have mocked me all day.

So we arrived and paid the $40.00 to get into KSC so we could go to the airshow. Then we waited in line to get frisked by the old man at the door. I get sad every time I go to KSC now. I remember when you just paid the $16.00 to get in and then youwalked in and enjoyed the day. Now, they force you through the same security measures youexpect at an airport nowadays.

Anyway, after we get through the security line we head to the buses and end up waiting some more. Finally, though, we make it to the airshow.

The following pics are some of the pictures I took. I hope you enjoy them. John has much better pictures on his camera, because it’s a better camera.

The show was a lot of fun and I am glad I went. John and I always have a good time when we ride.

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