Trapped with No Sunshine

Prohibiting smoking in public building has one major unintended effect. Every asshole who lights up stands right outside the office doors to get his or her nicotine fix.

That means that those of us who don’t smoke have to either choose to remain indoors and thus miss all the beautiful sunshine that smokers get to experience hundreds of times a day or we choose to walk through a cloud of carcinogenic smoke to get outside.

What the fuck?

Not only do most smokers take personal breaks FAR in excess of their non-smoking colleagues, they force me to remain inside because there’s nothing worse than smelling like an ashtray for the entire day.

It really pisses me off. I looked outside and saw a gorgeous day and decided to take 5 minutes to experience it and found out that I was banned from the outside world by a gaggle of chain smoking ass goblins guarding the doors.

I know some of you smoke – but seriously – take it AWAY from the only door I have to get outside.

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