Foods I Crave

I am in the last week of my treatments, so I feel like I see the light at the end of the tunnel. It will be some weeks, maybe months, before my sense of taste returns but already my mouth virtualy waters at the thought.

I have a list of foods I am craving and thought I’d share them:

Sesame Bagel, toasted with cream cheese.

Popeye’s Jalepeno Mashed Potatoes

Krystal’s Cheeseburgers

Little Ceasar’s Crazy Bread

Larkin’s Subs (local Orlando sub shop)

Skyline’s 3-Way Chili

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Cinammon Sugar Pretzel

I could keep going, but my tummy is rumbling and I’m only torturing myself by going through the list.

When I can finally tatse again, I’m going to have one week of complete decadence. I can’t wait – I invite you all to join in the festivities!

4 Responses to “Foods I Crave”

  1. Hey Ron…I will celebrate with you when you finally get to eat all this good stuff. Especially Skyline Chili…living in Cincinnati it is a big deal that someone in Florida loves the stuff….hang in there.

  2. Hi Carter! My whole family is from Cincinnati – if I remember correctly my grandmother used to live near the Northgate Mall. I love Skyline Chili; we actually have two in Florida. One is in Clearwater Beach and the other in Fort Lauderdale. Plus, my mom came over last week and made a batch of homemade 3-way for guests. Imagine the torture I experienced; watching my entire family eat 3-way while all I could do was watch!

  3. Looking at the pics….here comes that 30 pounds! But I say, enjoy it anyway for at least a week. I love you!

  4. BittersweetBachelorette Reply January 15, 2009 at 10:58 am

    I enjoyed this blog immensely! 🙂

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