If You Could Only See

If You Could Only See

If you could only see
inside of me

when I push you
use my anger to fuel
a stubborn desire;
when I sulk behind
eyes that dare
anyone to start something
with me – I’m begging
for your
laughter and your smile

If you could only see
behind this facade

when I don’t
clam up
and monopolize the conversion
when I pontificate
and outlandish statements
that no one cares to hear
I’m pleading
for your

If you could only see through
the broken window of my soul

when I succumb
to uncertainty and
when I over-analyze every
niggling detail and
lose focus on the
important things
when I forget how to
enjoy the moment
I am entreating you
to pull me

If you could only see
how much I love you

(c) 08/18/2010 Ron Sparks

Dedicated to my love, Carey Sparks.

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