The Binary Bikers Ride 1,726 Miles

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I promised myself that once I fully recovered from my cancer I would take a long motorcycle trip.  Big Bad John and I, the Binary  Bikers, rode from Orlando Florida to Louisville Kentucky and back.  A total of 1,726 miles – not including all the in-town riding we did while were in Louisville.

Carey and Michelle, our wives, followed behind a day later in a car and met us in Louisville and a fun time was had by all.  The pictures above are only my iPhone shots and not the shots from the real camera, but I hope you enjoy!

The ride was long, exceedingly HOT in Georgia, and tiring.  We were tired, sore, sunburned, and smelly at the end of every day – but it was worth it.  To have achieved a dream I had while I lay nearly dead from cancer – to fulfill that promise to myself – is a wonderful thing.  I feel so good about it.

You can see the rest of the pictures that Carey took HERE.


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