Very Rare STS-134 and STS-135 Space Shuttle Memorabilia

I’m extremely fortunate to be friends with a NASA engineer who works on the Shuttle engines.  My buddy Eric is more of a NASA nut than I am.  Eric understood the historic and significant nature of the last two space shuttle launches, and he was in a position to create very rare and very impressive memorabilia for me and my kids.

Eric wrote a letter.  He hand-wrote to me and all three of my kids a letter on the day of the last two launches.  The envelope he used for each was the NASA-printed envelope with the mission symbol on it.   Inside each envelope is a mission sticker and maybe something else; I haven’t opened the envelopes yet.  Here’s the kicker – each letter is stamped by the Kennedy Space Center US Post Office on the DAY THAT SHUTTLE LAUNCHED.

Yes – you read that correctly.  How awesome is to have an envelope for each of the last two space shuttle missions, with the mission symbol on it, stamped by the KSC post office the day of the launch?  How cool is it to have mail stamped by the KSC post office on the day of the last shuttle launch ever?  Pretty freaking awesome, I’m telling you.

I can’ explain how psyched I am by this, and how touched I am that Eric thought of me and my family and did this for us.  So I’m going to gently steam open each envelope, remove the contents, and create a display frame for myself and each of the kids with the envelope and contents preserved behind glass.  They have a piece of history they can always hang onto and have on their walls – thanks to Eric.

Eric – thank you so very much – this means so much to me and the kids.

Check out the envelopes for yourself – be sure and click for a larger image.  Note the post office they were sent from and the date they were sent.  .

STS-134 Memorabilia

STS-134 Memorabilia

STS-135 Memorabilia

STS-135 Memorabilia


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