My Publishing Strategy for NASA #Atlantis Social

This Thursday I get to participate in a NASA social event, celebrating the final journey of the Space Shuttle Atlantis from Kennedy to the KSC Visitor’s Complex.  Only 45 of NASA’s social media followers have been selected to participate in the event, and I am fortunate enough to be a follower so selected.

As many of you know, I am an amateur astronomer and NASA aficionado and have been for years.  In fact, many of my blog posts are about my geekiness and NASA fandom.  A sample of a couple of my NASA-related posts:

I have had hard hat tours of the VAB.  I have seen many of the behind-the-scenes views of NASA.  I have multiple friends that have worked at NASA for years, as engineers and, literally, rocket scientists.  And yet – this is the first time I have ever been invited not because of someone I know, but because of who I am.  A NASA nerd, a social maven, an astronomy geek.  This is, for me, a proud and defining moment.

I plan on sharing my journey through the innards of NASA as we celebrate the final journey of Atlantis.  I have lots of avenues open to me, but I think I need to keep it simple.  So, without further adieu, here is my high-level strategy.

myListI will post all of my high-res pictures taken with my Canon Digital Rebel via myList. as part of the KSC Atlantis fan page I have created in Facebook.

As Program Manager of myList, it is fitting that I use the technology I create to socially share these photos with a wide Facebook audience. If you have not liked the KSC Atlantis page I have created, please do so now; that way you get the updates on Facebook as I post them.

myList is a fantastic platform for sharing the things you love on Facebook and I highly recommend you take the time to play with the app and learn to love it as much as I do.


I will use Instagram for my lower-quality personal pictures, taken with my phone for “instant gratification” as I go through the tour.

I have Instagram connected to my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, so any photo published via Instagram will be simultaneously shared with my audiences on those platforms.   I’ll try not to use too many funky filters – the purpose of using Instagram is not to be “artsy” but to reach the widest possible audience as quickly and easily as possible.

I will use Facebook to publish all of my normal observations and status updates. Facebook is connected directly to my Twitter account, so all updates on Facebook will automatically go to my twitter audience.

The great thing about Facebook is that I have a number of followers and subscribers that hinge on my every update there.  Twitter is great, but I have a less personal following there; I tend to be more personally connected with my Facebook followers than I am with my Twitter followers.  Using Facebook to publish these quick status updates allows me to appease both audiences.

I will use my blog to provide in-depth analysis and reviews of the Social after the event.

My blog has a nice following, although I have been neglecting it of late as my duties at myList have been pressing on me.  This blog will memorialize, summarize, and organize all of the content I generate as part of this event.  My blog posts are also automatically connected with my Twitter account, so the second I publish my blog, my Twitter followers get the update.

That’s it;  my publishing strategy in a nutshell.  Have I missed anything?  Feedback and comments are most appreciated.

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